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Pegaworld 2014: A platform for digital processing

The annual conference of the publisher Pegasystems held this week in Washington. The editor is used to demonstrate how its platform makes it possible to accelerate the digital transformation of companies, with many supporting examples.

Pegasystems editor software the most used by major companies around the world. Its specialty is business process management and case management or exceptions.

Often hidden behind the applications used, editor tools often do not have the right to light they deserve. This problem of vision and recognition is known to the editor has strengthened its marketing team for this recognition amply justified. The first step in this recognition through numerous sessions on achievements around the platform editor at this convention. Major telecom operators like Vodafone, who completely rebuilt with its SI Pega, Telecom Italia and Orange Business Services have also been recognized for excellence in their projects.

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Major global banks, insurers like AIG also included in the client portfolio of the publisher. They share all rely on the editor to transform and become companies based all their processes and operations on digital.

At the same time, the publisher also wants to lose the image of a complex tool whose learning curve can be difficult. He thus renews its interface, making it more attractive and integrating tools from its recent acquisitions, Firefly and Meshlabs.

Operatively Firefly authorizes cobrowsing natively in Pegasystems solutions and allows users to get help with assisted navigation functions during their transactions on a website. If the function is currently mainly used in customer support in the IT industry, it can be useful in other processes such as support for the implementation of the procurement process or subscription to a site of commerce, of insurance.

The user can also rely on social analysis and content Meshlabs to analyze transactions on its website and enjoy the functions of "next best action" proposed by predictive analytics functions of the platform functions form of Pegasystems. The idea is thus to propose process from beginning to end, while simplifying the use upon the platform.   
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