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Google: Street Art Project to sustain street art

Allow as large number to discover and admire the works of art from around the world is the goal of Google Art Project. For complete access to many museums and cultural sites, Google has launched Street Art Project. A unique platform to discover thousands of works inaccessible or will soon disappear quickly: the work of artists, graffiti artists and taggers worldwide that make up the urban art.
World cultural heritage abounds in works of wealth and sites that remain inaccessible to most people. Google Art Project was designed by Amit Sood to allow everyone to discover and visit the most beautiful wonders of the world over the Internet. Today, sites with more than 40 countries are accessible and offer more than 40,000 works of art. Since September 2013.

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But if through Street View surfers can visit museums, Google has launched a new tool that captures the finest frescoes and works of urban art, Street Art Project.
According to Amit Sood, the launch of a collection with the Sao Paulo Street Art in Brazil has been so successful that Google has wanted to please the fans of street art.
With Street Art Project, Google offers a project of international and interactive dimension. According to Amit Sood "platform can penetrate the work of artists in depth, understand their creative process, their history." The technique allows us to offer giga pixel images in high definition that can be zoomed many times to appreciate all the details. Also, the Street View technology allows you to enjoy 360 degree views to see all the works. Finally, audio artist testimonials are available to understand their art and creative process.  

Street Art Project allows you to discover or rediscover, at the option of the world map, works of very famous artists such as Banksy and Space Invader, or less known. Thousands of works by artists they are graffiti, taggers, etc.. If access is a privilege museums, discover works that are free for all in urban environments is a luxury because they are inherently doomed to be short-lived. 
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