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CloudFlare buys VPN specialist CryptoSeal

CloudFlare buys CryptoSeal a VPN service provider for businesses. This acquisition will enable CloudFlare to extend its security services to web users (forward proxy) in addition to its solutions to protect websites (reverse proxy). The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. CloudFlare had begun to stop CryptoSeal Service last week knowing that it will completely shutdown on June 30 For the occasion, the co-founder of CryptoSeal, Ryan Lackey, CloudFlare will join as head of security products.

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CryptoSeal provides a VPN service for businesses called Connect and built for cloud applications, compatible with a wide variety of PC and mobile clients. For its part, CloudFlare offers a service to protect websites, including attacks distributed denial of service using the network of data centers to detect and filter out attack traffic and maintain online sites through an extension Cache.
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