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Adobe Kuler App - Explorer color palette

The principle: capture, at time T, the colors that surround us and know their values ​​in RGB and HEX format.
The tool designers and designers
Kuler creates a color palette from the graphic elements of the photo. You can then find the associated colors in the palette: either supplement or similar ...
Very useful to look for color inspiration or simply just color for your artwork.
Then you save your creation directly into your space.

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Download Adobe Kuler App
You take a photo using your iPhone of a beautiful landscape, a flower whose colors seem incredible, Kuler creates a chart from the pictorial elements of this shooting. It also works from your photo gallery or your Flickr account.

Once the chart saved in your space, you share it with the original image on social networks: Facebook, Twitter and email. You can also synchronize color palettes created on Adobe Kuler site where you download the samples and then rework on other Adobe software.
This app requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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