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5,000 employees of Whirlpool EMEA pass to Google Apps

Half of the workforce of Whirlpool EMEA are now connected to Google Apps. The appliance maker has launched a major project to reorganize its messaging and collaboration tools since October 2013.

Whirlpool, the world's first appliance manufacturer with a turnover of $ 19 billion in 2013, rose to Google Apps. The agreement between Whirlpool and Google,  that dates back to October 2013 provides for the passage of 30,000 employees (out of 60,000) to Google Apps as part of a 5-year contract estimated at nearly 20 million dollars.
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Today, Whirlpool gave details of the workforce concerned in the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Thus, the manufacturer stated that 5,000 employees Whirlpool EMEA (out of a total of 10,000) were migrated to Google Apps to meet their needs in terms of messaging, office and collaborative tools.

The partnership with Google is part of a broader improvement in working methods Whirlpool project: "Our project Winning Workplace promises to revolutionize the way we work by introducing a method of sharing information based exclusively on the Web. The platform of Google facilitate online collaboration and improve staff productivity. "
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