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Xbox One in China in September

Xbox One will be the first foreign console to enter the Chinese market since the lifting of the ban on these game systems planned for launch in September.

The Chinese government decided in 2000 to ban the consoles of its territory. The danger of these devices and their effect on the mental and physical condition of young people was the pretext for the ban. For fourteen years, Xbox, Wii, Playstation and others stayed away from the Chinese market.

This time is well and truly over, since Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be launched in China in September 2014 in partnership with BesTV New Media Co, a subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group. Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of the Xbox division of Microsoft, "Today is a historic moment for Xbox .. Xbox One will be the first system of its kind to be launched in China."

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Microsoft has invested $ 79 million earlier this year to "take advantage of the new Chinese regulations on consoles." With more than a billion potential players, China is an extremely promising market for the console business. In 2013, the gaming industry generated more than $ 13 billion, an increase of 38% compared to 2012. A growth which, for now, only PC and mobile games benefit.

The situation should soon change. This market is still not very competitive: only ZTE is positioned with an entry-level console, the FunBox. Microsoft can therefore enjoy a boulevard free of any other giant of the industry. However, the U.S. company must adapt to the requirements of government and the Chinese people whose income is less than the usual Xbox customers. That is why Enwei Xie lead the Chinese branch of Xbox, "bringing its years of experience at Microsoft in China."

Microsoft seems to promote the creation of local games via E-Home Entertainment, to make its products available to the Chinese public and also circumvent the political and commercial barriers to entry in this market.  
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