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Smartphone open source, Blackphone up $ 30 million

On sale since the beginning of the year and already out of stock, the Blackphone just bring $ 30 million. This open source high-end smartphone is best known for its enhanced security.

"The awareness of a global threat to privacy irrevocably affect the behavior of individuals and businesses and lead to a global demand for communications technologies unmatched in terms of security Silent Circle" explains Mike Janke, founder and CEO of the company BlackPhone. This smartphone aims to provide its users complete protection of their communication.
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Marketed in 130 countries with ten governments, the Blackphone is out of stock when its output back to February. It should soon be relisted, tell us leaders Silent Circle and Geeksphone, the Spanish manufacturer partner in this activity.
Both have just completed a round of investors, rising passage 30 million. This investment will be used to "further accelerate the rapid and dynamic growth Blackphone and meet the strong demand." On this occasion, Ross Perot Jr. and Peter Bonfield, former CEO of British Telecom, are joining the Board of Directors of Silent Circle, and a former manager of Dell, Anurag Jain, takes the chair.
Both companies must now deliver the unit from June and try to steal some market share to Apple and Samsung who hold the upper hand in the segment of high-end smartphones. Officials Blackphone along well groomed their pawn by leveraging its added value safety and respect for privacy. 
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