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Slingshot : a competitor of Snapchat Facebook

Snapchat could still have some difficulties to keep its leading position. The mobile app disposable e-mail is monitored and must improve its privacy settings. But at the same time, the social network Facebook is reportedly developing its own version of the application, Slingshot. Competition clearly stated on the same type of instant messaging and ephemeral.

Facebook developing its own version of Snapchat, that is to say an app and ephemeral instant messaging. This development follows the attempted takeover of Snapchat by Facebook in November 2013 .. and the failure of the Poke Facebook application.

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As Snapchat, Slingshot should allow send short video messages, once viewed by the recipient. This type of app is very popular with young people.. an area where Facebook is loss of hearing. 

This app could complement and strengthen the role of Facebook in the heart of the instant messengers. After buying Whatsapp, the dedicated app Messenger has become indispensable in recent weeks to discuss online from a smartphone.

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