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Samsung would develop its own virtual reality headset

Samsung is preparing to enter the race to virtual reality (VR). The South Korean manufacturer had already a functional prototype headset and prepare marketing before the end of a unit at a discount.

According to sources close to the project revealed the existence of a draft virtual reality headset (HMD) from Samsung. Better yet, the device should be announced this year. The objective of the manufacturer is to cut the grass under the feet of its competitors, Sony and Facebook, new owner of Oculus VR. It does not leave the field open to its rivals in this segment of emerging market.

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The mobile division of Samsung working on this project for a year ago, in the greatest secrecy. It nevertheless seems logical that the South Korean giant market of consumer electronics, is seeking to position itself in the virtual reality industry, which is growing in importance. If 2014 was the year of the Internet of Things, we can estimate safe to assume that 2015 will be the year of virtual reality.

In the race for technological advancement, Samsung advance its pawns. Some developers already have earlier versions of the headset, these prototypes work with the latest Galaxy devices (S5, Note 3) but the next generation of tablets and smartphones will be the one used for consumer models . Indeed, the HMD has the distinction run Android without Tizen, the Samsung Home OS that equips Galaxy Gear and future connected glasses of Samsung.

New device VR of Samsung equipped with OLED screen, like DK2 Oculus, although it is not excluded that the displays of South Korean are higher resolution view its position on the display market. But a better picture quality will not improve user comfort if the latency is too high. 

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