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Payment by PayPal integrated on the Play Store

The online store of Google so far allowed to purchase content by credit card or gift card via the Wallet, the payments service Google native electronic. Now it is also possible to pay by PayPal, although the integration of the platform on the Play Store remains partial.

Electronic payment solution PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay, is now available for purchase on PlayStore applications. This option is not available everywhere. Google identifies twelve countries for which the purchase of digital content through PayPal is authorized: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Spain, USA, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

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This choice is surprising from Google. The Mountain View company has its own online payment solution, the Wallet. It is integrated with many web services group, which allows Gmail to remittances. This system is also used in some physical stores in the United States, via Android and NFC.

PayPal is a serious competitor to Google Wallet. However, the leaders of Internet giant decided to integrate this service to their rival platform sales online content. Their goal: to reach a wider public, including potential customers not using the native service payment. Especially PayPal account some 100 million users in nearly 200 markets, generating hundreds of millions of dollars daily. Customers who sees available to purchase directly on the Play Store.

However, the integration of PayPal to online shop of Google is limited. It is necessary to have a Wallet account and associate their PayPal account in order to have the service. And all Google products can be acquired by payment via eBay subsidiary. The group insists: "At the moment, PayPal can be used to purchase applications and digital content on Google Play."
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