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Office for iPad : 27 million in 46 days

After it announced, 12 million downloads for April, the iPad version of the office app continues to carton and has been downloaded 15 million additional copies during this month, bringing the total to 27 million in the first 10 countries. The announcement by Julia White at the TechEd.

The figures are all the more remarkable that the app is not available everywhere and it is the subject of harsh criticism from users, mainly because of the price. The average downloads came at 587,000 every day. Word for iPad is the most popular with a 4th place ranking of all free apps in all sectors, just behind the game 2048, in the United States and in the Top 100 in 109 countries. For comparison, Google Docs available after Office, it is quickly fell beyond the twentieth place in United States.

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The performance perspective insofar as most downloads are the work of users with an Enterprise version of Office 365 (unlicensed Office 365, the user can not edit Office documents for iPad). Indeed, Microsoft stated that the 12 million downloads, 4.4 million were paying users only for this version.
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