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My Hospi Friends, together in hospital

My Hospi Friends is the first peer social network, anonymous, free, designed for hospitalized patients.

This exchange platform, was created in October 2013 by Julien Artu, then hospitalized for five months, after a serious accident.
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My Hospi Friends allows patients to build the link occurring. Through their profile, they can interact with other patients who share their same interests.

Loneliness facing the disease is less heavy. The day is punctuated by chats. All this contributes to the well-being of the person and focuses less on his illness but more on its entertainment and animation of his day. This platform solves part of the problem of isolation of longer stays.
My Hospi Friends available on the web, mobile and smartphone.
The establishment must purchase a license to be registered on the website of the start-up. The patient can then thanks to this web address, freely dispose of this social network. The hospital distributes its news, daily menus, mini-events, thematic content or caregiver interviews.
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