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Microsoft: Stephen Elop leaves Nokia and pocketed $ 33 million

Upon his arrival as CEO of Nokia in 2010, Stephen Elop was accused of coming to serve the interests of Microsoft. From the Redmond company, he coordinated the exclusive partnership that led Nokia to develop smartphones with Windows Phone as well as the acquisition of Devices division of Microsoft. What fuel doubts about him.

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Other evidence against Stephen Elop, one of the clauses of the contract. Indeed, last September, a Finnish newspaper discovered that the former CEO of Nokia would receive a bonus of $ 25 million if a very specific scenario unfolded: the Nokia shares fall much, the mobile division is sold Nokia and the action rises, but remains below its level at the arrival of Stephen Elop at his post. A scenario, a priori exceptional, which is yet in place all points!

Negative reactions were not long in Finland. Despite the request of Microsoft, Stephen Elop, however, refused to give up this important premium. Only relief for Nokia, Microsoft has agreed to take over 70% of the premium.

After the passage of about four years at Nokia and the end halftone early April, Stephen Elop Microsoft officially reinstated as Executive Vice President of Devices division.
Windows IT Pro site has estimated that the amount of the premium had been upgraded since 2013. The reason is that the Nokia share has since increased in value. Stephen Elop receive, therefore, $ 5.5 million and the rest in shares, for a total estimated today at $ 33 million.
Microsoft: Stephen Elop leaves Nokia and pocketed $ 33 million Microsoft: Stephen Elop leaves Nokia and pocketed $ 33 million مراجعة من قبل fortech في 5:12 م تصنيف: 5