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CA Technologies provides free migration tool for XP

CA Desktop Migration Manager tool from CA Technologies can move files and retrieve user preferences to transfer them to a machine update or a new PC desktop or laptop.

Since last month, Microsoft has stopped all support for Windows XP. Companies wishing to migrate machines that are still running with the old operating system can rely on the free migration assistant of CA Technologies. CA Desktop Migration Manager makes it possible to copy a user's files, but also its bookmarks, preferences and any relevant information to a system file storage network. Then, the administrator can either update the machine and reinstall the original user data, or transfer to a laptop or desktop computer running a newer version of Windows. The utility of CA Technologies can work with the CA Client Automation software administration: combining the two products, it is possible to migrate an XP user to a new version of Windows without its intervention nor the administrator.

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The Migration Utility CA Desktop Migration Manager keeps the system / network printing settings /, application preferences, as well as files, folders, address books messaging, browser bookmarks, contacts Address and images used in the background of the desktop. Although many files and settings are saved during a routine update of the operating system, it is necessary to reconfigure a number of preferences if you want to restore all of the work environment user. CA Technologies software reduces the number of these settings.
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