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Twitter: increased financial results, but not enough for investors

Since its IPO in November, Twitter must meet the expectations of investors. The social network has just published its latest quarterly report. Despite strong growth in revenues, financial losses and increase the number of users is not progressing enough for investors.
Twitter has reached an important milestone in November 2013. Indeed, the social network has been floated. However, its financial situation is not very reassuring for investors. Then in 2012 Twitter already had $ 79 million of losses, the situation has since worsened.

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Over the year 2013, the social network has obtained a turnover of $ 665 million, but losses accumulated, reaching $ 645 million.
Twitter has released the results of the first quarter of 2014.
It realized a turnover of 250.49 million dollars. This represents a significant increase of 119% compared to the same period in 2013, which was concluded on 114,34 million dollars. Specifically, advertising revenues totaled $ 226 million, an increase of 125% in a year. Mobile advertising represents 80% of total advertising revenue. Internationally, Twitter received $ 70 million in revenue, an increase of 183% in a year.
Despite this growth in revenue, Twitter has compounded its losses this quarter. In fact, the losses reached 132.36 million dollars while over a year ago, they were $ 27 million.
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is satisfied with this assessment. However, investors are disappointed because they expected better results.
In addition, they consider the growing number of users too low. End of March, Twitter gathered 255 million monthly active users, up 25% on year. Of this total, 78% of them accessed Twitter via a mobile or a habit which grew by 31%.
Twitter believes that sales for the current quarter is expected to reach 270 to 280 million dollars. It is hoped that the financial losses will be reduced to soon achieve balance and reassure investors. 
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