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Twitter Acquires Cover App

Twitter acquires Cover, smart launcher for Android, to strengthen its offering in the mobile market.

Twitter has announced the acquisition of Cover Monday night, without specifying the amount of the transaction.

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This app (launched in October 2013) allows users to exchange their system Android default home screen against a custom interface. It is an intelligent launcher application that calculates what the user is most likely to use. Uses change depending on time of day and night and Cover takes the context into account to adjust the focus on certain applications. It analyzes and stores which are in fact the most often used, in order to be accessed by a glance at the appropriate time. For example, weather or news in the morning, music and video in the evening ...

 Smart and coveted home screens

Smart launchers are in fashion since the beginning of the year. Yahoo announced the acquisition of Aviate in January, software that has features similar to those of Cover. Mozilla, for its part, is working with EverythingMe to develop a custom Android home screen. A preview is available since February, but no release date has been advanced.

With Cover app, Twitter enters the competition. The social network wants to assert itself in the smartphone sector: the launcher allow it to display tweets directly on the home screen of the Android user, upon its release. While adapting algorithms Cover. Thus, the concern displayed tweets news time or place. "We bring the team to Cover Twitter to push these ideas further. They share our vision of smartphones smarter, more useful and contextual" provide the creators of the application.

It remains for this time available on the Google Play Store, although the team behind Cover does not deny that this may change. With hundreds of thousands of users, the application is therefore added to the anthology of acquisitions since the beginning of Twitter. 
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