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IFTTT task automation service available for Android

IFTTT service that allows you to automate many actions on the web, available now for Android platforms. The app opens to the creation and configuration of new shares in connection with its smartphone.

Remember, "If This Then That" (IFTTT) is a tool to connect different channels and web services to automate certain actions based on pre-defined criteria.

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To do this, users can use "recipes" to generate an action on a channel based on a "trigger" determined on the other: for example, automatically archive Instagram photos to Evernote, save screen shots OneNote ...

Today the service supports 98 channels (Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc..) And an infinite number of recipes for "make the web work for you."

6 new channels of action for Android 

Offered as a web service, available in iOS application, IFTTT is now available on Android. 

So users can start automating tasks and new shares via 6 channels specific Android device settings, notifications, location, SMS, photos and phone calls. Revenue available to automate actions through its channels according to many triggers.

Via the Android app, users can also create and configure tasks linking all the channels they use elsewhere.  

Download IFTTT App for Android
Download IFTTT App for iOS 
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