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Facebook, a ​​new feature, Nearby Friends to see friends nearby

Facebook launched on 17 April, a new feature. It's Nearby Friends, which allows you to view friends nearby. This feature will be available as an option and can be configured. It remains to be seen whether Facebook will not use this new information and if friends who wish to remain "virtual" will be satisfied.

The social network Facebook regularly enriches its services on the Internet and mobile.

Facebook introduced a new feature called "Nearby Friends." For mobile applications on iOS and Android, it allows to be notified when friends are nearby. Notice indicates the presence of someone nearby or you can see his presence on a map.

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To do this, the friends must install the feature and share their positions so that everyone can see. Also, this feature can be configured. Thus, it is possible to choose people to follow: close friends, family, acquaintances, etc..
In addition, "Florida Friend" can share their location during a defined period. This tool is useful when giving appointment to someone who does not know the place.
Finally, it allows to share travel friends viewing precisely where they are.
"Florida Friend" is an option and can be disabled at any time.
It will be launched initially in the United States in a few weeks. 
Still to see if Facebook will use these new data and information or resell. This feature can be useful, but it is perhaps not suitable for users who have many Facebook friends 'virtual'. Not clear, either, to accept being "tracked" by his knowledge or even relatives or colleague. 
Facebook, a ​​new feature, Nearby Friends to see friends nearby  Facebook, a ​​new feature, Nearby Friends to see friends nearby مراجعة من قبل fortech في 7:15 م تصنيف: 5