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Bitcoins / Mt. Gox: investors want to save the platform

The information is official. The Mt Gox platform was placed in receivership year Japan. However, investors still want to try to save the company. To do this, they created "Save Gox," an initiative that aims to boost the platform, allowing users to retrieve their aggrieved bitcoins and restore confidence in this virtual currency.

The virtual currency Bitcoin interested increasingly. However, the situation of the Mt Gox platform is worrying some consumers. Indeed, in late February, this important exchange platform announced that 850,000 bitcoins were stolen, the equivalent of $ 500 million. Although this figure was then reduced to 650,000 bitcoins, the presence of a security vulnerability and such a flight surprised and particularly disappointed 127,000 aggrieved customers.

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Declared then in bankruptcy, the platform has since sought ways to revive financially. In vain, since Mt Gox is officially in bankruptcy court since April 17, which precludes any possibility of recovery.

However, some investors believe that all possibilities have not been studied and want to revive Mt Gox. In this context, they created "Save Gox", a site that aims to present and defend its objectives: "Do not settle, but rehabilitate Mt Gox." They state that "the liquidation is the last resort, when all means fail, including rehabilitation. But no attempt was made to save Mt Gox. There has been no audit, and no hearing (us) an opportunity to present (our) case to the District Court of Tokyo. "

This organization wants to raise the platform to "ensure the return of the money to customers and restoring confidence in electronic money". "If the Bitcoin community manages to heal itself without government bailout, it will be beneficial to the entire system, including our investment portfolios bitcoins."
The group is willing to "invest heavily in this case." To strengthen the folder that will soon be presented to the Japanese justice, it invites 127,000 users aggrieved Mt Gox to support them.

Bitcoins / Mt. Gox: investors want to save the platform Bitcoins / Mt. Gox: investors want to save the platform مراجعة من قبل fortech في 7:47 م تصنيف: 5