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Amazon buys comiXology, number 1 digital comics

The largest online platform distribution comics enriches the catalog KindleFire acquiring comiXology, the Amazon U.S. group consolidates its content offering for its reading light.

comiXology was founded in 2007 and has established itself in the distribution of comics and manga in digital format. Forte 40 000 titles of some 75 publishers, including giants Marvel and DC Comics, the platform is the industry leader. , cofounder and CEO of the brand David Steinberger said "We have long aimed to convert the entire world into comics fans ".
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A passion for "reinventing the reading in a digital world" shared with Amazon, according to David Naggar, vice president of content acquisition. Ecommerce giant has acquired the platform for an unknown amount. "With Kindle, Amazon has reinvented the reading experience, as comiXology could do for comics and manga," added the president of comiXology.

This is mostly a prime acquisition for Amazon, which provides a global reference database online and thus extends its reading. The consequences of this acquisition are not yet specified. David Naggar says "We want to invest in this business, grow the team and bring comics to more readers,". While allowing comiXology to "retain its identity as an Amazon affiliate "

Although The headquarters of comiXology remain in New York, but the main changes concern the modes of distribution. If it is possible to access the platform offers via its website or on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows, it is certain that it will be strongly emphasized. Even be integrated natively, so that Amazon is the indispensable channel for any purchase on the catalog of comiXology.
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