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Windows XP still receive support in China

While official support for Windows XP will end in April, Chinese users will always receive security patches. The main reason for the popularity of the OS in China.

Oddly enough, Microsoft has decided to make an exception for Windows XP in China and will continue to offer support security for its old operating system. To do this, the U.S. giant has partnered with leading security vendors in China. In any case, the meaning of a statement by the publisher on its official Sina Weibo account, an Asian social network.

Outside China, Microsoft will revise down support for Windows XP, from 8 April 2014, which means that users of the OS will no longer receive security patches to correct vulnerabilities in software.

Strong resistance to Windows 7/8 in China
To stay protected, the editor urged XP users to upgrade their PC with the latest version of Windows. Markets such as the United States, Windows XP gradually disappears from PC, but in China, the operating system is still very popular with users. Windows XP still accounts for 57% of Internet-connected operating systems, according to the analysis website The operating system is still widely used in cyber cafes, businesses and schools.
A major reason for this OS is so popular in China is that it has largely been hacked. For several years, Microsoft encourages consumers and businesses across the country to buy official copies, showing their security vulnerabilities plaguing pirated versions. But the high prices the latest operating system of the U.S. has been a factor that has turned potential buyers. The arrival of a free and lite version of Windows 8.1 can be be a response to this resistance.

Management of the very specific security
However, the retirement of Windows XP is a good opportunity for companies specializing in the support and security to place their products and services. Among the local security providers selected by Microsoft to provide support to its OS, Tencent is one of the most iconic in China. It is still unclear how and at what price protection will be given, but the media does not have the same importance for all Windows XP users in the country.
 In its post, Microsoft noted that 70% of Windows XP users in China had never installed the updates to security editor these past thirteen years!
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