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Titanfall stimulus sales of Xbox One in England

Microsoft waited impatiently the marketing of Titanfall game, which exclusivity. Launched on PC and Xbox One on March 13, it will not take long before the first returns. The arrival of the highly anticipated FPS boosted sales of Xbox One in England.

If one criticizes lack of Nintendo games headlights, Microsoft does not want to be in the same situation. Sony has sold more consoles of last generation, but Microsoft has not said its last word and put on the games ahead. Among these, the game was highly anticipated Titanfall. Developed by the studio Respawn Entertainment, the shooter presaged good times.

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Microsoft has worked to prepare its arrival. Online Play, this game will benefit from updates offered by Microsoft. In addition, the manufacturer, in early March, dropped the price of the Xbox One in England and announced that the game Titanfall would be included in buying a console.
An exclusive game allows it to boost sales of consoles?
Sold on March 13, the game Titanfall attracts gamers. Microsoft has not yet released official figures, but early returns indicate that sales have greatly increased in Britain.
In one week, sales have increased by 96%. On all Xbox One passed, 70% were Titanfall packs. 

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