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Tips management of Steve Ballmer

During his first public appearance after the handover to Satya Nadella, the former Microsoft CEO spoke to an audience of students at Oxford University in Britain.

Steve Ballmer remains a key figure in a Microsoft share for the thirty years he spent in the company including 14 to his head but also because it remains a member of the Board now chaired by John Thompson . Also, when expressed both in general and management experience within the editor, it deserves to be heard. On the form, nothing has changed . Found Steve Ballmer exalted , enthusiastic , determined, confident of his strength of conviction by persuasion he puts in everything, suiting the action to the word, hammering certain words, supporting syllables, describing himself as a seller .. . "A style of leadership difficult to imitate ." On the merits , students as entrepreneurs certainly will benefit from this intervention. Certainly , Steve Ballmer has made mistakes but his career as CEO is also marked by undeniable successes , including entry through the front door in enterprise computing , at home with the game console and more recently in the cloud.
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Some of his reflections are struck at the corner of common sense, a notion not always taught in business schools. Go at your commitments, do not overlook the "price" of your products are simple yet fundamental and often forgotten thoughts. About the worst advice we gave him and he did not listen - unlike his opponent professor at Oxford - that he should not join Microsoft.

The truth of Steve Ballmer that deserves to be heard "watch  this Video":

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