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Guinness: new world speed record keystroke with the nose

They say some they write with their feet ... He does it with his nose. Mohammed Khursheed Hussain became the new record holder with 98 characters in 47.44 seconds.

The challenges of Guinness are often surprising. The latest is no exception to the rule. An Indian student technology broke the world speed keystroke with the nose (probably holds the title record for the largest number of words for the title of record).

Mohammed Khursheed Hussain, new world speed record keystroke, keystroke with the nose, Guinness
 Mohammed Khursheed Hussain was able to write a sentence of 98 predefined letters with his nose: "Guinness world records-have challenged me to sort this sentence using my nose in the fastest time." All in less than 48 seconds. And it beats the previous record dated. The previous record holder, also Indian, had accomplished this feat by 1.33 mn in November 2008. Here trounced.

Especially since Hussain claims to have beaten the record a few months earlier, in performing the operation in 54 seconds, the website information The Hindu. But without certificate to validate its success. And man is not his first feat: in 2012, he achieved the feat of typing (fingers) while the Latin alphabet, from A to Z, including spaces between each letter, 3, 43 seconds. Before witnesses and validated by the Guinness Book this time. Bad taste (and the author apologize) therefore encourages us to specify "finger in the nose."

Now holds two world records, one wonders where stop Mohammed Khursheed Hussain. His next challenge is probably to type the letters of the alphabet with his nose but no appendix can not comment on the future of the record holder. Perhaps also the next challenger currently reads these lines. In all cases, the news of this feat may well give rise to vocations.  
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