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Apple iOS 7.1 available for download

Apple has released a major update for its mobile OS. iOS 7.1 fixes several vulnerabilities and also provides several new features, including integration of CarPlay, Apple's new technology to use your iPhone in your car.

In addition to integrating CarPlay, which provides access to phone tools, music, plans, messages in some compatible vehicles (which will come out this year), iOS 7.1 offers several improvements and optimizations: recognition as a more efficient footprints on iPhone 5s (via Touch Id), a more complete use of the voice assistant Siri (manual management of listening) or the monthly calendar view.

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This update also fixes several bugs affecting the operation of Facetime and iMessage, and security holes (on the lock screen, site sensitivity encrypted).

iOS 7.1 (250 MB) requires 2.5 GB of free space and can be installed from the "General" tab (menu "Settings") on the iPhone and iPad.

Like all iOS updates, it is recommended that users back up their data prior to limit the risks of this procedure.
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