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Adobe fixed serious flaws in Flash Player

On the occasion of updating security, Adobe has fixed two flaws in Flash Player that prevent safety functions integrated in the reader.

Adobe has released security updates for Flash Player. These fix two vulnerabilities giving the possibility for attackers to bypass security controls built into the software. One of these vulnerabilities is known as CVE-2014-0504 and it can be used to read the contents of the clipboard of the computer, that is to say the storage space that is used to keep operations copy and paste. The second flaw, identified as CVE-code 2014-0503, attempts to circumvent the rules of origin restriction, an important feature that prevents downloaded resources to access servers that are different from the original fields.

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Bulletins Adobe Flash Player safety concern for Windows and Mac, Flash Player for Linux. Plug-ins distributed with Chrome, IE10 on Windows 8 and IE11 on Windows 8.1 will be automatically updated on the release The editor described the significant vulnerabilities and not critical, because there is no risk of remote code execution. The absence of critical fixes in updates of Flash Player is a bit rare, but for this case, Adobe was forced on Feb. 20 to correct a flaw in emergency zero day that was actively exploited in targeted attacks.
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