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VMware brings DaaS on Chromebook

Access with HTML and Horizon View 5.3, VMware offers users a complete solution for Chromebooks DaaS (Desktop as a Service) to access a remote desktop via the Chrome browser.

When he presented his HTML Access solution in March, VMware does not expect such a craze of users: it provides access to a remote desktop via a HTML5 compatible browser. This called solution DaaS (Desktop as a Service) uses the 5.3 version of Horizon View.

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VMware has worked with Google to bring this solution on Chromebooks, opening widely the range of possibilities on such a machine. So users can access their remote offices but also use Windows applications and transfer files via Google services (such as Drive for example).

With this feature, Google is trying to attract companies and even take the next stop supporting Windows XP to sing the praises of its OS "Chromebooks Deploy and take advantages of DaaS solution provides security against vulnerabilities and application compatibility. Budgets migration will be history. "

If it is already possible to use this function as premise service, Google will unveil an application via the Chrome Web Store. For its part, VMware continues to improve the characteristics of the solution, including reducing bandwidth consumption.  
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