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Facebook app Paper: a logbook for personalized mobile

Facebook implementation, starting next month, the new " Paper " app that allows social network users to build their own personalized newspaper on their mobile phone, with the news of their friends but also news of their sites favorite information.

Aware of the popularity of online articles to share information on social networks, Facebook development for several months, a new mobile app called Paper. It will be available from February 3 for U.S. owners of an iPhone, the eve of the anniversary of Facebook which will celebrate its tenth anniversary. For others, the release date has not yet been announced. The same applies to the application developed for Android.

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The app can think of Flipboard: it enhances the news-feed of users, combining the latest news from their friends and those of their favorite news sites previously likes. The presentation will uncluttered, leaving much room for pictures (occupying half of the screen). The application is really thoughtful touch for use (turn pages, move from information to another, open a link ...) is done with the fingertips:

Of course, all links still have their famous sharing buttons and knobs "Like". Users can also subscribe to specific themes (sports, technology, politics, music ...) to receive a "targeted" information. Paper is the first Facebook app developed by Creative Labs.

You can take a tour at Facebook app Paper

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