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Chrome for Meetings, Videoconferencing by Google

For less than 1000 dollars, Google wants to introduce videoconferencing in business with its all-in-one for Chrome Meetings solution.
The growing market of videoconferencing attracts many suitors, trying to take their share of the cake. Google is no exception to the rule and launches its own solution consists of four devices:
  •  Chromebox signed Asus (Intel Core i7 processor, HDMI, DisplayPort, 4x USB 3.0, Ethernet and WiFi door)
  • A Full HD Logitech camera (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  •   A micro hub / omnidirectional speaker
  •   A remote control with a keyboard 
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Everything works on the Google Hangouts solution to provide a turnkey solution. In addition, Google is trying to democratize this kind of solution with an affordable price for businesses: $ 999 + a package of $ 250 / year which is free the first year.
The solution seems simple to use since you have to connect it to a screen to start. The Web giant also benefits from its third-party tools to improve service and provide such management facilities via the Google Calendar. It is also possible to share a remote desktop or work collaboratively on tools such as online documents. Robust, the system can manage up to 15 video streams encrypted streaming using Hangouts.
The advantage of the solution is that it can be used on a screen or via a browser HTML5. Google leverages the VP9 codec and adapts the speed of the user, including smartphone and in "critical" case, the sound is preferred.
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