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Yahoo loses its COO, Henrique de Castro

Yahoo lost its COO (Chief Operating Officer), Henrique de Castro. The information was confirmed in a document submitted to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Ex-Google, like Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Henrique de Castro has also been poached by his former colleague, who then praised its merits. But since joining Yahoo, the relations between them would quickly become strained. In an internal memo revealed by Re / Code, we learn that "Marissa Mayer felt it would be better Henrique de Castro is leaving the company." A "difficult decision", apparently.

Yahoo loses its COO, Henrique de Castro, internet,

Yahoo is also about to reorganize its management. Currently, no one has yet been appointed to replace Henrique de Castro. The marketing director of the group, Kathy Savitt, will now occupy part of the editorial and media Yahoo.

It seems Henrique de Castro pays its inability to redress the revenues from advertising at Yahoo. The last quarter of 2013, advertising revenues fell by about 7% a year to another: What irritate Marissa Mayer, who nevertheless spent many millions of dollars for this Cador. Especially since the prospects are not good for Yahoo, which however is gaining audience face to rival Google. 

Below, the internal memo of Marissa Mayer:
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