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China lifts the ban on video games

In a statement, the Chinese State Council announced, lifting the ban on the marketing of video game consoles and accessories of foreign brands such as Sony, Microsoft, or even Nintendo. Lifting of prohibition is accompanied by strict oversight.

Video-games foreign brand in China were hitherto banned from sale in the country, ostensibly to protect young people against gambling addiction and violence they carry, according to the Chinese Ministry of Culture, informally, not to overshadow the Chinese industry in this area. Consequence: the Chinese played primarily on their computers or in the arcades. China has become the number one on the video game market online ... The Chinese are still procured consoles like the Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, on the black market. A version of the Nintendo DS especially for China was also designed and was only allowed to circulate.

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 This lifting of the ban, dating back to June 2000, was not argued by senior Chinese instance decision but it had a direct effect on the price of some companies in the sector.

This new market will be admitted via the free trade zone of Shanghai. The goods will be redistributed to the rest of the country. This area serves as a test pilot to open the country to the outside and should be renewed or not within three years. The future of marketing of video game consoles will depend on, especially as the products must be approved by the Ministry of Culture, in advance, and the original and non-violent games are preferred. 
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