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CES 2014: Babolat shows first connected racket

On the occasion of CES in Las Vegas, several connected objects were presented and sport is no exception to this trend. Babolat has unveiled a connected racket.

After glasses, watches, speakers, headphones, it is the turn of sports equipment to become connected. At CES in Las Vegas, the Lyon-based company known for its Babolat tennis rackets, badminton rackets introduced the Play & Connect. This racquet embeds sensors in the handle to record data on the game sports: power ball number of forehand, backhand, service speed ...etc

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This information is transmitted via Bluetooth or USB to a PC, tablet or smartphone. A dedicated application allows you to compile and analyze the data collected. The manufacturer says that the racket has a battery life of 6 hours and saves 150 hours of games. This equipment has been tested by professional players like Rafael Nadal and Joe Wilfrid Tsonga before marketing, now it' is remains confined in the United States for $ 399 excluding tax.
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