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Apple working on a mobile payment service

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple now aims to expand its payment service to other goods and services, physical or intangible. All through a single iTunes account. Is the lieutenant of CEO Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, who seems in charge of this huge project.

Eddy Cue have already multiplied by appointment with the leaders of different industries. In addition, Jennifer Bailey, long responsible for online Apple stores, has been assigned a new mission, particularly devoted to payment. The goal: to compete with PayPal or even Google's service, all using Apple mobile devices. There is also talk of an identification with the TouchID.
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WSJ reminds some figures: in 2017 the U.S. will spend $ 90 billion in payment from a mobile, against 12.8 billion in 2012. The area is also full gestation. Stripe, which should enter into a partnership with Twitter, has raised $ 80 million recently, valuing the start-up to $ 1.75 billion. eBay has meanwhile Braintree bought last September for $ 800 million.
Recently still, the multi billionaire investor Carl Icahn and encouraged Apple to invest in mobile payment. In the United States, in its stores, Apple already allows customers to purchase products by scanning and paying with a credit card tied to an iTunes account. In addition, last December, it also launched iBeacon in 254 of its stores. 
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