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Steam reaches 7 million simultaneous users

The insane growth of the Steam platform does not know at present no limit. After reaching a total of 65 million active accounts late October 2013, a 30% increase in one year, the platform Valve just beat another record, the number of products simultaneous users of its services. For the first time, the bar 7 million players has been exceeded, and rather widely since the peak of 7.19 million connections concerns of customers.

Of course, all these players were not present to the same game, even if one of them manages to unite 5 times more than any other: DOTA 2. Indeed, as free-to-play Valve recorded a peak 542,900 simultaneous players, making it by far the most played title on Steam. Followed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and 93,900 players, and Team Fortress 2 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, both around the bar of 70,000 simultaneous players. By comparison, League of Legends manages to bring together a maximum of five million users simultaneously.

This record achieved by Valve occurred in a quite peculiar period because it is the weekend that the first PlayStation 4 invaded the European shows, at least for those having preordered early enough. An output that has obviously had no impact on the habits of PC gamers who have certainly benefited balances fall to replenish their toy library cheaply.

Looking back on previous milestones achieved by the platform from Valve, we can see that growth has accelerated sharply since January 2012, when the platform recorded a first peak at over 5 million concurrent users. Bar 6 million will have been taken for the first time in November 2012, before reaching 7.19 million a year later. This represents an increase of 44% within two years. A sudden increase which corresponds to the appearance of DOTA 2 in the catalog of the publisher.

It remains to be seen if the platform will continue this momentum with the democratization of next generation consoles, which have to heart to bend the curve, while SteamOS and Steam Machines seek instead to make him know new places.

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