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Sense mother by when everyday becomes connected

Your new mom 2.0 " Sensemother ": Mother, created by, the new challenge of Rafi Haladjian. The purpose of this device: connect the objects in your daily life. A pretty smart idea, which actually opens the world of connected objects.

Almost eight years later, this is another project around the connected objects is born: either animal form, but in a more familiar form: your mom. This is the idea of this new concept. In life, it is she who "takes care of your security, your form, your comfort and simple pleasures" can be read as an hangs on the site. Connected by Ethernet to your box, Mother is the conductor of a family of sensors called "cookies".

Sensemother, Sensemother, Sensemother

What is it for exactly?

They are the ones who will play the most important role. For every thing in life, you can use a cookie that will follow your activity. For this developed fifteen applications (other will emerge progressively, the API will be open): Medication (to ensure that a person take his medication and remind him) Espresso (accounting for daily bus cafes, and warn you before stocks of capsules, for example) or presence (in real time who is party in this housing). Many examples are in the site

Some details about cookies: they contain an accelerometer, a radio communication module and a thermometer. According to Rafi Haladjian, they have a life of about 15 months (but it also depends on their use). Instructs the user to replace the battery once it is worn. On the scope between cookies and Mother, it is equal to that of your wireless coverage.

Sensemother, Sensemother, Sensemother

The price and Online interface

The general concept is the following: make everyday objects communicating, not the reverse. Namely, that all objects we buy are the default. Finally, the user can manage cookies and (or) Mother (s) via a web interface sauce Flipboard: it is also called SenseBoard. Applications (iOS and Android) will also be available at the output of the product. 

Sensemother, Sensemother

Mother will be on sale "next spring" but the site is already open for preorders. The subject will be offered in several forms: either a bundle with Mother and 4 cookies (272 dollars), Mother alone (151 dollars) or a pack of 4 cookies (120 dollars).  
A day in the life of Sensemother from on vimeo
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