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Google chrome keeps crashing: This is the Solution

Google Chrome keeps crashing for many Players who use the Google Chrome browser to play games sometimes receive the following message: The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash, This is the solution.

Why Google Chrome keeps crashing?

Using multiple browsers (such as Firefox and Chrome) causes the installation of multiple plug-ins may come into conflict. 

1 . Open Chrome.
2 . Type about : plugins in the address bar at the top of your screen and press Enter to display the plug- ins Google Chrome.

Google chrome keeps crashing

3 . Flash looking in the list of plug- ins.
   * If Flash ( 3 files) writing, you have Adobe Flash and Chrome versions , as well as PepperFlash .
   * If Flash ( 2 files) writing, you have the Chrome version of PepperFlash . In both cases , Chrome may crash when trying to access Web sites using Flash .
4 . Click the + Details on the top right of the page plug- ins link to expand the list .

Google chrome keeps crashing

5 . Find the Flash plug-ins in the list. Full details of the Flash plug-ins , which may include up to three versions of Flash should now be visible.
6 . Look location of each version : integrated versions of Chrome and PepperFlash are in ... Application Data \ Google \ Chrome \ Application , etc. , while the independent version of Adobe (formerly Macromedia) is located in the folder ... Windows \ system32 . \ Macromed \ Flash , etc. . 

Google chrome keeps crashing

7. Disable the File installed in Chrome: If there are 2 files, carefully check the value of the Location field of both the files and find the file that has been installed internally in Chrome. Once you have found it, simply click on the Disable link provided below the location value to disable it.

Google chrome keeps crashing

8. Restart Chrome: If you have done all the above steps restart Chrome. Shockwave Flash will not google chrome keeps crashing like it used before.

Google chrome keeps crashing  

To Fix This Error watch this Tutorial 

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