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Deskhop: A tool for remote assistance via Facebook

The best to help a friend who is far away from us is to share his screen remotely. The split screen is a technique increasingly used thanks to services that offer this option. Google plus network it has facilitated us with the Hangout service. Facebook can also be used to perform remote assistance thanks to a program called Deskhop. It is a completely free tool that provide us an effective way to help our friends by sharing our screens distance aims.

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If you use the largest social network Facebook you can try Deskhop to assist a friend remotely thanks to the Deskhop application. Simple to use, to start just follow these instructions:

  • Go to the site of application.
  • Click "get deskhop".
  • Choose "to access the application."
  • After checking the agreement with the terms of use, click on "start deskhoping".
  • You will have to choose a friend with whom you want to share your screen.
  • Once your chosen friend, you choose a screen share and you will be prompted to download the application.

The application has shown its considerable performance to connect two remote computers and thus provides a very nice remote support tool. We can now help our friends and receive help from others if we have a technical problem or to teach at a distance. Its advantage is free and secure.
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