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Canva makes design simple for everyone

How many of us want to be pros Photoshop ? Or able to design a brochure? O cards? Or pictures for our blogs or Facebook ? Or maybe just a simple greeting card for Mother 's birthday ? ..Canva makes design simple for everyone.

The web has made learning to use design software much easier. Now we can take online courses to get our creative sides or hire a tutor to separate . But the Internet has also led to programs and applications that makes the intuitive design, the latest of which is headquartered in Australia canva, a platform of free graphic design that uses a simple drag and drop , click and - go, and search capabilities make it easy to do graphic design.

"Canva makes it surprisingly easy for everyone graphic design ," said CEO canva Melanie Perkins. " The design is really difficult and intimidating for non-designers and now there is so much pressure to create professional-quality templates , creating presentations , marketing materials , social media graphics and even a CV. Yet so far, the design was a difficult and complicated process that was certainly for most people. "

"We want to be canvas where you can go by default ," says Perkins. " So we for free. You can also upload your own images or choose from our library of one million premium images that cost $ 1 when published. Had a very long time to be easy canva to use. Want the people can make their idea into a design with less friction is humanly possible. was amazing to see people respond so well to something we've worked so hard for so the year. "

The concept behind the canvas took shape when Perkins and co -founder of the canva Cliff Obrecht worked in his previous business together , Fusion Books, where the concept of a platform for the design market online school directory applies . "In five years , we have grown Fusion Books in the largest publisher of directories in Australia and spread to France and New Zealand ," says Perkins. "But we always knew that the technology behind Fusion books it was more powerful than just market the yearbook. This inspired us to create pockets ."

With over 100,000 registered users and thousands of designs are created every day , Canva aims to make the design as simple as possible. As the head of Dave Hearnden engineer says . " We're building a piece of Adobe InDesign , some Google Docs, our own bank of photography, and a system of complete edition " Perkins added: "This is a big project and there are a lot innovation in scenes , it is very simple for a user experience . "

So what can be done with Canva? While the options for creativity are technically unlimited , user homepage invites some ideas of projects, including the creation of a document, presentation, graphics blog , Facebook cover picture of social media , map collage photos, poster, invitation or card. Once a project begins , the dashboard design is intuitive and fun to use , integrating research images , drag and drop, resizing element , entering text , exchange of color, design and all kinds of goodness.


"We received an incredible response from all different types of people," says Perkins. "We had bloggers that save hours of time by creating their own graphics using the canva blog , designers are able to spend more time to work on what the benefit rather than making minor changes to things like cards, and small businesses can create your own Facebook messages and printed materials to promote your small business . "

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia , Canvas, is a team of more than 12 years, including co -founders Melanie Perkins ( CEO) , Cliff Obrecht ( COO) and Cameron Adams ( CPO) . Home has raised $ 3 million seed funding round earlier this year from investors including Google Maps co -founder and engineering manager Lars Rasmussen Facebook , Yahoo! CFO Ken Goldman, and 500 Startups fund , Matrix Partners , InterWest Partners, and Blackbird Ventures.


With respect to what is expected for the managed , Perkins You are sealed lips . "We have some very interesting initiatives in the secret lab work we will do in the next three months," he suggested . "However , you should stay tuned to see what they are. Canva is our vision to make any friction to take an idea and make a drawing . We have taken important steps in this direction, but we have much more in store . Believe that we have found only 1% of our plan to date . "

However, canva is which of these tools is easier to simply try to have all the details, he said. Today, with its public beta, this is now possible. The company sent invitations to those who had already registered for access, and allows newcomers to register your username here for a phased rollout from now.

Canva makes design simple for everyone :
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