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"OK Google" available as an extension for Chrome

The voice command "OK Google" arrived on the Chrome browser for voice research, as we saw with the famous Google Glass.
"OK Google" is the first name of the voice control for Google Glass, glasses connected. If you watched the video, you inevitably heard users say these two words, which allow them to control the voice. Moreover, this function is also available for Android in English version.

Get "Ok Google" For Chrome
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Google want to popularize this function by offering through an extension for its Chrome browser: still in beta, it is called Google Voice Search Hotword.

After installing the extension allows you to simply start a search with voice articulating the two magic words, and therefore without the microphone icon found in the search bar.

The system (based on Web Speech API). Conversational Search function (only on the U.S. version) allows you to talk as a conversation in natural language. 
"OK Google" available as an extension for Chrome "OK Google" available as an extension for Chrome مراجعة من قبل fortech في 3:56 م تصنيف: 5