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Digital raw data neatly formatted

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford brought together a large number of raw data related to digital knowledge in an interactive site particularly successful.

The raw data from Open Data programs (local, governmental institutions, public companies, associations ...) are often useless if they are not put into perspective or represented on a map type GIS. Dr. Mark Graham and Stefano De Sabbata, researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute University which depends of the same name, and have addressed the issue with a website called Information Geographies. It collects raw information and "free" from Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr, or even of (to know the evolution of the weight of the press in free ).

We Know that the United States is on top of the podium for the number of deposits of domain names, it is Germany that points to second place ahead of the United Kingdom and finally China. The researchers also propose a very informative free geostrategic atlas on the App Store, which builds on the work published in a report published in 2011 and named Geographies of the world's knowledge
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