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Nintendo & A Debt Agency May Not Meet

Video game companies seem to be falling on hard times recently, which is disheartening as a fan. I shook my head when I learned that THQ had filed for bankruptcy and the actions of Electronic Arts have been nothing short of aggravating. It seems like these companies have had financial problems in the past but is it possible for a debt agency to go after what is, in essence, the godfather of gaming? Something tells me that Nintendo would not have to worry about this.

Nintendo & A Debt Agency May Not Meet

Could you imagine if Nintendo ever did do work with a debt agency and supposedly owed a degree of money? Perhaps such an occurrence with an agency such as R.R.S. would not be disastrous, especially when the gaming mogul has earned so much in the way of revenue over the past couple of years. Based on the sales of the Wii alone, you can tell that money is not going to be a problem. The company's bank account has at least one billion in it, so financial security is more than in place.

Nintendo's identities are the ones which are able to move systems, which you cannot say about those of other companies. Everyone knows about Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and others since they are some of the most recognizable. It's also safe to say that they have been able to move consoles better than those which belong to other entities. Even if Nintendo stopped creating consoles and went into game production for Sony and Microsoft, they'd stay afloat rather well since there is brand recognition which cannot be denied.

This is something that, to me, is outside of the realm of possibility and I believe that the company's press is to thank for this as well. While gamers may criticize Nintendo for a number of reasons, they have played it safe yet smart from a business point of view. Sony, as much as I like the company, once had to close down offices to bring down costs. You never hear about Nintendo going about these kinds of actions, which only drives home the financial point that much more.

Nintendo's practices, at least on the surface, may not make as much sense as individuals may realize. All we can do is look at the events from the outside and hope that, in time, they will make sense to us. Fans of this particular hobby will have their allegiances and it's fair to say that more than a few of them will discredit Nintendo as a company that is on its way out. In my opinion, though, the company will remain afloat as long as their finances keep steady.
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