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Set Up Email On IPhone

This article will let you know How to set up email on iPhone to Receive e-mail from your mail server. Receive e-mail, contacts, notes and calendaring from your mail server.

set up email on iPhone
set up email on iPhone

Take after this simple logically ordered guide to set up and Receive e-mail, notes, contacts and logbooks on your iPhone, rendition.

There is some qualified data that you will require within reach, for example your e-mail address, username, and your e-mail account secret key. Provided that you don't these portions, please either discover or ask your framework director at your office. (You will require these items to set up your iPhone for e-mail, contacts, notes, and so forth).

This article utilization Microsoft Exchange as default, however the same steps are connected to any message record to set up email on iPhone.

1. From the HOME PAGE on your iPhone > SETTINGS.




5. Enter in account information:

* E-mail address
* Username
* Account password
* Description (for personal use, can be anything you choose)

6. Touch NEXT.

7. Assuming that everything is right, you will be given the choice to enter your server qualified information:


(Assuming that unsure of this qualified data, your System Administrator ought to have the capacity to let you know).

8. You will recognize that other insight is extended from past page.

9. Touch NEXT.

10. Select what data you want to sync.

* Mail

* Contacts

* Calendars

11. Touch SAVE.

12. Be mindful, in the event that you decide to adjust CALENDARS & CONTACTS, local CALENDARS & CONTACTS will be overwritten.

13. You will gain a cautioning to continue.

14. You're carried out! Your iPhone will now receive e-mail, contacts, notes and calendaring qualified data from your mail server.

Get a charge out of the flexibility of e-mail moving with your iPhone.

set up email on iPhone
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