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Microsoft Prepares a new Surface

A new generation of tablets surface could be presented at the Build conference held at the end of June with several models and different screen sizes.

This is Digitimes has revealed the first information on the basis of contacts with suppliers of components of the Microsoft tablet.  

These providers also specify providing components to produce 1 million and 500,000 Surface Area Pro, figures in line with other published estimates, including IDC. According to Digitimes, the new generation of space could be broken down into different models with sizes ranging from 7 to 9 inches. In doing so, the price would be reduced and could then consider Microsoft to better compete with Android tablets and the iPad Mini .

 Tablet 7 inch running the new Xbox

Xbox and Surface teams work closely together and it is rumored that a tablet 7-inch  space is being prepared for use in connection with the new game console whose specifications will be announced on May 21. Microsoft is now as a business device and services and not just software but for now little devices have been released although some speculate on a watch (such an object had been sold a few years ago), or a smartphone.

The new tablet which are the most accurate on the basis of information provided by NPD Display Research. It would be equipped with a screen of 7.5 inches with a resolution of 1400 x 1050, with a density of 233 pixels per inch, than the resolution of the Nexus 7 or iPad Mini. However, it is clear that the availability of this model could be made before the end of 2013 or the beginning of next year.
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