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Google buys Wavii

Google has acquired the U.S. startup Wavii, also coveted by Apple, for an amount that would rise to 30 million dollars. This company develops an aggregation of information and automated synthesis technology based on natural language interpretation through a "genetic" algorithm system.

The Wavii application already exists on the App Store: Apple wanted to acquire and integrate Siri, the personal assistant application for iOS, which is based on natural language processing (oral) to operate. Yet it is Google that just pass him by buying startups, and technology, for 30 million dollars.

Indeed, in the same way, Wavii established an aggregation technology based on natural language interpretation through proprietary algorithms that scan the web and summarizes in a few hundred characters, data from different sources by automatically targeting content. This technology is not reminiscent of Summly and his young British developer, recently acquired by Yahoo and built recently in the U.S. version of Yahoo News.

Wavii joined Knowledge Graph

The contract between Google and Wavii involves a transfer of intellectual property and staff. Thus, the small team of Wavii (25 people) currently based in Seattle is going to join the Knowledge Graph division (literally "knowledge graph") of Google, which, complementing the search engine will display directly a structured response, corresponding to the user's query. 
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