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The Impact Of Computers In Small Businesses

Many people today are looking to start businesses with the hope that they will amount to something, thus entrepreneurship is the song many young people sing. The recent change in computer technology has drawn many young people to use it to run their business. This is why all businesses today for some reason will have computers to enhance their running. The various operations that need the use of computers include.

 looking to start businesses with the hope that they will amount to something


Of the many forms off communications, computers are the most used. Electronic mail and computer faxing have revolutionized communication between businesses. This is also, how many companies get funding for their various project. With poor communication, this would be slowed down. There is also a way through email that communication within one company is possible. This is termed ad exchange mail. This ways of communication are considerably cheap, therefore saving you money that would otherwise be used on phone bills. It is fast, therefore ensuring convenience in delivery of information.


With the many forms of memory both inbuilt and portable, many businesses small and large are looking to computers to enable them tackle various important chains of inventory, which include ordering, distribution, receipts and warehousing.


This entails a lot including payroll, customer and vendor tracking for payments and debts, cash flow analysis, filing of tax returns, expenses, job tracking as well as revenues all, which are what makes up the business's backbone. Entrepreneurs use computer systems for bookkeeping that for anything else in their businesses. Software developers have come up with programs designed to aid businessmen with less experience with their bookkeeping. This software has traversed today's market and many businessmen continue using them.


Computers are used majorly in product design. Gone are the days when numerous ideas were put on paper, as today this computer application has made the work easy and fun. It is now possible to make dreams reality as it is easy to translate them using different computer programs. It has also become easy to make amendments to different product designs and proposals, because it is all under the click of a mouse with computer-aided design.


Many processing and manufacturing plants, small or big use computers to run their automated machinery. This is commonly referred to as computer-aided manufacturing. Even small businesses have been able to use computers for their manufacturing as different software even for micro businesses are available in the market.


With the onset of Internet, marketing computers have really accomplished many people's dreams of success, as they are the tools that facilitate this. With computers and the Internet, many entrepreneurs get to market their products and services. They get to share with a wide audience their plans for growth, thus drawing a lot of business as well as awareness for the company.

By: Saich M Kate
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