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The Ability to Spread Information Fast and Free Over Social Media

People use social networks for different things, some people just want to stay connected with their friends and family, others use them to track news, celebrities, sports and TV. With things like Twitter you can have all the things you want to follow in one place which is very practical. You do not need to go to different websites in order for you to get the latest weather forecast or to see if your favorite baseball team won last night while you were out watching that movie with the special offer for extra pop-corn that your aunt sent you via Facebook.

The Ability to Spread Information Fast and Free Over Social Media

You can control what you want to see on your Twitter and Facebook flow and it is up to you what shows up, this creates for ads that target you depending on what pages you like and what you Google, Facebook is the perfect marketing tool for companies, they can narrow their ad down to select people who might be interested in their product, making it cheaper and more efficient to advertise. Facebook is a maze of raw data containing personal information which can be used to generate ads targeted directly at you.

The ability to spread information fast and free over social media can be both good and bad, how many meaningless discussions on Facebook do we see every day, religion, politics, racism, these are things that should not be part of social media. Discussing these things over social media is like playing chess with a pigeon, politics should be kept to the politicians. However with social media everyone and their mother can write their stupid opinion on whether or not gay marriage should be allowed, later after thousands of comments saying how wrong you are and that you should go kill yourself because you are stupid, all you have managed to do is to make people mad.

The argument is not that people should not be able to have their own opinion about these things, but social media is just not the place for it. Imagine a TV-show where you take 50 people of different ages, social statuses, backgrounds and having them discuss immigration, I cannot see that appealing to too many people mainly because it would lack professionalism and proper production.

In order to discuss something all parties need basic knowledge of what is being discussed, they also need to be on the same page as far as where they stand on the matter. It is fine when it is politicians who actually know what they are talking about are spreading news, debates and other things which might be interesting and informative prior to an election for example.

Facebook and Twitter are the new TV and Radio, it is a new form of media which reaches out to a whole lot of people, you see politics on TV and hear it on Radio so it is a natural step to have it within social media as well, but then again TV and Radio have professionals handling them so the production level is higher than your average six-pack Joe's tweets.

By:Jonatan S Fredholm

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