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Protect Your Online Business : Protect Your Computer

In this article I will share with you my own experience and why it is so important to protect your computer if you work online.

Protect Your Computer

I've often encountered tales of woe on the Internet about lost work because something has crashed. Maybe you've been there yourself.

I have experienced these first hand. They were not happy times. For me, things always seemed to go wrong at the worst possible moment.

The system was not doing what it was supposed to be doing.

Usually there is nothing obvious to explain how the problem arose and no clear way to fix it either.

Several times I've found myself on one of the many online technical forums. Hoping someone else has had a similar problem. Could there be an answer for me if I look in the right place ?

The answers (if I found any) were never simple. The solution depended on which operating system I was using. What version it was at. Which Service Pack I was using.

Apparently, I needed to make a change to something in the registry file using a registry editor. I could feel myself breaking a sweat. I was looking. I wasn't finding. What was I doing wrong ?

I considered trawling through a few more online technical help forums.
I hoped that someone had a less technical solution for me.

Maybe you recognize this ? Most of you have probably come across things a bit like this on more than a few occasions.

The parallel I like to use is a craftsman and his tools. Anyone can recognize the tools the craftsman uses, but not everyone knows which one to use and when. Not everyone knows which tool is the right one for the job. The craftsman knows how (and when) to use the tools so that they complement each other.

You may recognize many of the tools used for PC maintenance and management - but do you know how to make them work together ?

If you don't then you are potentially leaving yourself open to a lot of stress !

When you have an online business your computer or laptop is critical to your success. It is your power house !

If it goes wrong then you are left unable to drive traffic, unable to build your list, unable to send broadcasts to your list, unable to build your business !

If you haven't already done so then protect your computer ! Learn to keep it optimized so working effectively. It will save you hours and hours of time in the long run.

By: Kay Franklin

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