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Large Touch Screens Explained

There is no doubt that large touch screens can be a key asset in any marketing strategy. The trick is figuring out the best way to utilize this powerhouse of digital technology so that it reaps the most benefits for whatever platform it is serving. In order to do that, the size of the large touch screen has to be coupled with visual stimulation and easy to understand interactions. Remember, the size of the screen may make people take a double-take, but it's the delivery of the message that will make people want to walk up and stay a while.

large touch screens can be a key asset in any marketing strategy

The good news is that people are already going to be somewhat interested in the large touch screen simply because it is interactive and really big. People have established a relationship with touch technology via their smartphones and tablets that they use on a daily basis. They are comfortable with it. They expect it. However, you can't rely on people's automatic initial interest to guarantee that they will pick up what you throwing down. There are a few steps to take to ensure that users will not only interact with the large touch screen, but take something away from it, too.

Steps for Implementing Large Touch Screens

First, there needs to be a plan. Like any other strategy that is employed there needs to be an outline of who the intended audience is and what it will take to make sure that they have a good experience with the large touch screen. There needs to be a goal and realistic approach to getting there. What you don't want is for people to see the large touch screen and become really excited about what it has to offer only to be let down by a boring execution of graphics and content. Think: What's the purpose?

The next thing to do is to create the story that you want users to experience as they manipulate the large touch screen from page to page. You'll want to consider how people will get from A to B with the most ease while also being engaging enough to make sure that they complete the entire cycle from start to finish. This is the time to focus not only what type of technology you should use, but also how much of it.

Don't forget about the importance of location. Don't assume that large touch screens can be placed anywhere just because size is on your side. Not only do you want people to see it, but you want people to be able to access it easily. This means considering crowds or multi-users. How will the most people be able to interact with the screen comfortably? The location should work to enhance the experience-not be so out of the way that people are uninterested and not so centralized that it causes a traffic jam of people.

Large touch screens can be used to magnify any message. However, the trick is finding the happy medium between size and delivery to make sure that people want to follow-through with the interaction and take something positive away from the experience.

By: Baird Angus
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