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How To Master YouTube Advertising And Get Tons Of Traffic In 3 Minutes Flat

The competition for "YouTube advertising" has gotten tougher and tougher. If you've been struggling getting your videos in front of the right audience then you are definitely in the right place. In this article I'm going to share with you my proven low key yet highly successful technique that gets the right eyeballs on my killer videos.

 competition for "YouTube advertising" has gotten tougher and tougher

You want to make sure you read this all the way to the end because I've got golden nuggets embedded throughout this whole article.

Now back in the day when I first got online in 2008, I was just coming in on the tail end of the wild wild west with YouTube. What I mean is back then YouTube advertising was so easy. All you had to do was make a video and swipe a bunch of keywords from your competitors and boom you got major traffic.

Things have drastically changed since then. Not only is it more challenging for us in the make money online/home based business niche to get ranked on the 1st page because of the stiff competition, you also are dealing with those haters that flag your video and possibly get your channel shut down just because they don't like you or the company you are with.

There's no workaround with that. Unfortunately it comes with the territory.

See when I started making videos back in 2008, I would just start cranking them out. I'd make 1-3 videos a day at times. All I knew was that I had really no money for marketing and I heard YouTube advertising was free. So I took advantage of it.

I was making quality videos however at the stage in the game I was really focused on quantity. Very quickly my videos got to 100, then 200, 300, all the way up to over 500.

I noticed something about that.

20% of my videos were bringing in 80% of the results.

I also noticed that those videos that fell in the 20% bracket had 3 very important things that were the determining factors outside of me making compelling videos.

These 3 external factors are still relevant in this day and age if you want to effectively use YouTube advertising to your advantage.

Now before I share with you what those factors are there is one thing I'd like to tell you that caused me to have a mental shift and now work less and make more money.

I began to realize that it is more powerful to be effective in less time than it is to always be busy in a longer range of time. I was always used to the accustom that you have to work long and hard to get what you want.

That's not true. It's actually farthest from the truth, especially if you are in make money online niche like me. I learned how to apply leverage to my marketing. And that my friend is what I want to share with you.

I got a little sidetrack for a minute however you deserved to know that. So back to my little discovery that allows me to work less and yet make more money.

I noticed that the determining factors behind my sudden traffic spike in my YouTube videos was that I had a lot of: views, likes, and comments.

Read that again because this is what drives eyeballs to your videos (other than SEO work).

You need major views, a ton of likes, and comments.

That's really it.

Let's think about this for a moment because I really want to help you get better at YouTube advertising.

Providing your content in the video is engaging and compelling, do you think if you got a ton of views, likes, and comments that you'll make more money ?

The answer should be obvious.

I can see the big smile coming on your face now.

Wait a minute I'm not done though. Remember I told you that I can show you how to master YouTube advertising and get tons of traffic in 3 minutes flat right? Here's the secret.

I've just revealed to you the why. Once you know the why the how becomes easy.

And this will work even if you are in a shoe string budget.

Instead of me making just cranking out a ton of videos, I now focus on making more quality compelling videos while at the same time getting tons of views, likes, and comments on every single one in 3 minutes flat.

How do I do it ?


I use a service on Fiverr where I get organic views, comments, and likes on my videos for $5. All I do is make the video and send it to my guy to increase my traffic. I get it done in 3 minutes flat.

By: Adrian Hines
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