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How to Build Buzz for Your Book (The 1 Thing Most Authors Ignore)

Who else is thinking about writing a book? Maybe you've been swept up in the Amazon publishing craze, but simply have no idea how to promote your book when you're finished ?

How to Build Buzz for Your Book (The 1 Thing Most Authors Ignore)

Or, maybe you've gotten familiar with all of the special tools, tips and techniques Amazon offers to self published authors, but your intuition tells you it's NOT going to be enough to make real money ? (your intuition is right)!

The truth is, the EASIEST way to build buzz for your book launch is super simple, and can be summed up pretty nicely in one word.

Leverage. (but not the way everyone else is doing it)

The key is, and of course, this ONLY applies if you're trying to make money from your self publishing efforts, you have to be able to turn your readers into evangelists for your book, brand, blog and business.

Everyone knows that Facebook and Twitter are a great tool for authors, but in my own experience, most folks are using them completely wrong.

After all...

If you peek at all of the "publishers" Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and content communities that have sprung up over the last few years, you would THINK all authors are getting rich, right?

I mean, if your goal is to get a few thousand people to download your book on it's "free days," it's not tough.

But, if your goal is to develop a genuine following of fans, friends, and followers who help build UP your book and spread the word, you need a better system.

Here is the ONE thing I'd love to see you try instead of the conventional path that ALL "hobby" publishers who are eeking by are using.

You need to turn STRANGERS into subscribers first.

And once they subscribe, you empower them with the TOOLS they need to help you spread the word.

And once they're subscribers... You'll be amazed at how many of those people turn out to be book buyers to boot.

The process flow looks like this:

You set up a content marketing campaign for your book launch. (or re-launch if it's already out there... OR, as part of an evergreen and "always on" launch process)

This content is ideally articles (like this one for example), press releases, an occasional guest post, or if you have the budget a pay per click campaign.

You drive all of your traffic to a launch blog that offers a teaser to folks who sign up to get it. (it could be a free chapter, it could be a discussion community, it could be an interview with you, it could be a virtual launch party... it's totally up to you and your comfort)

This is the CRITICAL part-

Once people sign up, you incentivize them for spreading the word. How? You give them an automatic tracking link that they can use to share your book in the online social circles in which they travel.

This can be done with a totally free script... is easy to implement and TRACK (very important for your audience to track their traffic) and each and every time someone signs up for your book launch blog, they are EMPOWERED to evangelize your book for some sort of psychic, or tangible gain. (in other words - you either offer something of real value, or perceived value, depending on what kind of book you are writing,and how well known you are)

It's very easy. And even if you only have 10 or 12 people a day signing up for your list... If only 1 or 2 people shares their link, and some fraction of THOSE people shares that very same link... before too long, you can have real momentum start to build.

(and it continues to grow levels and layers deep)

Very easy to implement, has been very successful in generating huge followings in many conventional online markets, and it amazes me how few authors are doing it NOW. (hopefully if the above makes sense, the one who DOES will be you)!

By: Ian H. Ross
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